Incredible World of Fabric
The best, nothing less than the best is available here at Sekhani Group. The times have changed and so has the world. The changing times have however not affected our strive to achieve excellence which is still highlighted by rare vigour and enthusiasm.
The saga of success had begun way back in 1970. It was in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It has been close to four decades since this adventure began and the experiences have been deep and equally rewarding. Aided by a visionary approach and due emphasis on technique and cutting- edge technology.
Excellence, Perfection, Reliability and Customer Satisfaction here, we have seen these words turn into reality.
  Sekhani group of companies  
These five companies are chips of the old block and have been quite adept in quickly finding the path to success.
Beyond the boundaries of India, Sekhani Group’s growth has taken it to many overseas destinations and seen it make many new conquests.
Group has achieved a rare distinction of carving out a niche in across the globe which expertise in printing.
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